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Thriving After Cheating

July 05, 2023 Chad and Lanell Osinga
The Bulletproof Marriage TV
Thriving After Cheating
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Show Notes

Can a couple pull through the stormy waters of infidelity and come out stronger on the other side? Chad and Lanell have walked that path and emerged, not just surviving but thriving. They vulnerably share their personal journey, recounting the painful experience of infidelity, and their coach's key role in facilitating open, level-headed conversations. 

They talk about overcoming blame, taking responsibility for their actions, and resentment, and how their trials taught them to help others going through similar experiences. They also touch on rebuilding trust, one of the most critical aspects of surviving after infidelity. They also emphasize that patience and consistent dedication to the relationship are the foundations of trust building. They also discuss forgiveness and its crucial role in creating a new reality. Join the couple on today's episode and learn from their journey.

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