The Bulletproof Marriage TV

Ending the War at Home

July 26, 2023 Chad and Lanell Osinga
The Bulletproof Marriage TV
Ending the War at Home
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Show Notes

Picture the scene: you're stuck in arguments with your partner, the air heavy with tension and unresolved hurt. You're not alone. Chad and Lanell have been there, too, and in this episode, they share their journey from a relationship filled with conflict to one of understanding and peace. They reveal how they broke the cycle of past mistakes and constant negativity, especially when children were involved. They tackle the all-important subject of controlling our responses in relationships and talk about the difference between responding and reacting and how to keep your cool in heated situations. Discover how your individual growth can bolster your relationship and how to provide your partner with the love and space they need to flourish at their own pace. Join them as they dive into strategies to maintain healthier dynamics within your relationship. 

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