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Learning To Be Intimate W/ Amy Color

August 16, 2023 Chad and Lanell Osinga
The Bulletproof Marriage TV
Learning To Be Intimate W/ Amy Color
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Show Notes

Is your relationship struggling in the intimacy department?

On today's show, Amy "The Intimacy Coach" Color joins us in delving into how to have an intimate relationship with our partner.

Amy is the author of "The Huddle," she also has a TED Talk that has gained over one million views, and she has been helping couples regain the fite of intimacy in their relationships for over fifteen years. She knows how to create a "Real" connection between partners.

If your relationship has struggled with intimacy you do not want to miss this episode. Amy takes us deep into the issues that couples are having and how to circumvent those obstacles so that you can have amazing intimacy with your partner.

Join us as we dive deep into the issues surrounding intimacy and how we can create a relationship filled with high levels of intimacy and love.

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