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Exit The Power Struggle In Your Marriage W/ Shan Merchant

October 11, 2023
The Bulletproof Marriage TV
Exit The Power Struggle In Your Marriage W/ Shan Merchant
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Show Notes

On today's show Chad and Lanell have the pleasure of talking with Shan Merchant on how to stop the power struggle in marriage and keep the wedding rings on.
We discuss Shan's own power struggle, what the Imago method is, how to begin to become more aware of the cycles and patterns that are hurting your relationship, and so much more.

Join us as we delve into how to end the Power Struggle in your marriage and create a loving union that lasts the test of time.

About Shan:
Shan is a couples therapist with a global reach. She helps couples on the brink of divorce
‘Exit The Power Struggle’ stage of their relationship and put their wedding rings back on, using the profoundly transformative Imago method.

Shan’s book, 'From Power Struggle to Peaceful Couple’ serves not only as an invaluable guide for navigating the inevitable stages encountered in long-term relationships but also as an autobiographical account of how she saved her own long-term relationship from the maelstrom of bickering, blaming, defensiveness, and pain of the Power Struggle.

Having since helped many couples profoundly elevate their relationships by learning her ‘9 Skills of a Peaceful Partner’, Shan developed her 12-week Power Struggle to Peace program.

She argues that the Power Struggle stage of your relationship is inevitable, but the suffering and divorce it causes don’t have to be. Her mission is to help make couples exit out of the Power Struggle one of the most loving experiences of their lives.

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