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New Me, New You, So We Can Have A New Us!!

January 03, 2024 Chad and Lanell Osinga
The Bulletproof Marriage TV
New Me, New You, So We Can Have A New Us!!
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Show Notes

Welcome to the premier of My Bulletproof Marriages TV. In today's episode, Chad and Lanell discuss how it all began, My Bulletproof Marriages, the journey from where they were to where they are NOW. How they are shifting their entire lives in a new direction and how overcoming hurdles helped them create a recipe of success. 

Moreover, Chad and Lanell also discuss how the duo uses the lessons they are still learning to become the best versions of themselves. Leading by example in their marriage and raising their four kids.

Also delved into is how loving yourself 1st and tapping into your inner being will show you how to find a purpose that will create the freedom we all yearn for. When looking at social media and the general public, we see a need for more authenticity. Most people desire realness and think they will find it in copying someone else's life or doing whatever it takes to make more money to create a fulfilling life. 

The My Bulletproof Marriages team is here to uncover the REAL conversations and secrets hidden in relationships or individuals who need to transcend to be free from bondage, find joy, and create the lives they deserve.

Join us as we elevate relationships, destroy generational curses, and rise into our highest versions.

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